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Nashville Peer Support
Peer Support for Nashville Fire Fighters Local 140
Firefighter Cancer Support Network
Assistance for Firefighters and their Family after being diagnosed with cancer.
Thurman M. Gentry Died 5/5/79
Schley S. Gordon Died 1980
Paul E. Hunt, Sr Died 1980
James E. Montgomery Died 1980
James M. Newson Died 4/22/80
Pat J. Curran Died 2/3/81
Hurbert S. Eller Died 9/1/81
Vernon A. Aita Died 10/28/81
Wilber W. Rader Died 12/12/81
Douglas E. Moore Died 1/22/82
James E. Lee Died 2/18/82
Andrew M. Seiner Died 3/21/82
Eugene G. Wright Died 7/2/82
Lewis E. Goodson Died 7/24/82
Denton W. Cantrell Died 8/4/82
William C. Bell Died 8/15/82
Bobby L. Baxter Died 12/10/82
George H. Womack Died 1982
Roy Fly, SR Died 2/1/83
Leslie C. Holt Died 3/6/83
Wade H. Harmon, JR Died 3/27/83
Frank T. Foster Died 10/19/83
Albert L. Watson, SR Died 1983
Erastus R. Potts Died 83 or 84
Amos Hess Died 1984
Henry E. Overby, SR Died 1984
James D. Bell Died 11/20/85
Archie B. Cook Died 1986
Lloyd R. Finley Died 7/11/86
William S. Embry Died 10/13/86
Mary C. Strober Died 12/11/86
Thomas E. Cobb Died 1987
Herschel C. Goodman Died 1987
J.D. Graham Died 1987
Milton E. Harris Died 1987
Hugh F. Sadler Died 1987
Charles S. Knott Died 4/18/87
Arthur R. Breece Died 1988
Richard N. Hicks Died 1988
Frank O. Davenport Died 5/24/88
James H. Baird Died 9/17/88
Leonard J. Brunson Died 1/1/89
Joe D. Bartolini, SR Died 2/21/89
William E. Cain Died 3/9/89
Carl H. Hahn Died 9/6/89
William C. Jamison Died 10/13/89
Levi J. Tidwell Died 11/3/89
Billy C. Newland Died 12/17/89
Denver C. Larkins Died 12/20/89
Bill C. Brown Died 5/7/90
James C. Bartlett Died 5/20/90
Mack W. Hines Died 7/1/90
John B. Myers, JR. Died 7/25/90
Dorris E. Smithson Died 10/23/90
Cecil J. Joyce Died 1991
Charles R. Lallemand Died 1/21/91
Robert G. Kennedy Died 2/8/91
William E. Gill Died 6/5/91
Billie R. Hall, JR Died 8/4/91
Toussaint L. Jones Died 8/14/91
Boyd F. Warren Died 8/21/91
Frank P. Mayer Died 8/22/91
Fred L. Ewing, JR Died 9/8/91
Leslie C. Young Died 11/19/91
Edger L. Blanton Died 12/28/91
Houston T. Frensley Died 2/21/92
William W. Stoutt Died 3/23/92
Neil E. Pyburn Died 3/29/92
John Caluger Died 5/19/92
Orbin L. Paris Died 5/20/92
George W. Chrite Died 11/30/92
James R. Young Died 12/19/92
Edward W. Best, JR Died 12/30/92
James E. West Died 12/30/92
Ben C. Hooberry Died 1993
Denson R. Watts Died 1/14/93
Paul T. Terry Died 7/12/93
John E. Tomlinson Died 8/19/93
Lloyd E. Potts Died 10/22/93
William A. Turner Died 11/1/93
Wayne Few Died 11/10/93
John S. Secrest Died 1/2/94
Horace C. McAlister Died 2/15/94
Johnnie H. Bruce Died 7/13/94
James N. Hill Died 9/6/94
Mack C. Johnson Died 2/3/95
Federico Palacious Died 2/20/95
John A. Hardison Died 11/4/95
Joseph A. McConville Died 12/17/95
Nathan H. Blunkall Died 12/21/95
John I. Dean, JR Died 2/23/96
Wahleita D. Goodner Died 2/26/96
Berry E. Skinner Died 3/1/96
William T. Hope Died 3/13/96
Robert H. Steele Died 3/19/96
Justin G. Tidwell, JR Died 5/2/96
Fred W. Pollock Died 10/24/96
Garrett J. Kile Died 11/12/96
Smith A. Davis  Died 11/21/96
Arnold C. Gregory Died 12/5/96
Neal O. Petty Died 1/11/97
Jimmy L. Richardson Died 2/5/97
George G. Underhill Died 2/7/97
Carl F. Wilkerson Died 3/1/97
Douglas M. Riddle Died 5/6/97
Alex H. Wright Died 5/13/97
Walter R. Mullins Died 7/4/97
John W. Sanders Died 7/17/97
George A. Raymer Died 8/20/97
Freddie W. Franklin Died 9/13/97
John T. Soule Died 9/28/97
Allen L. Hurt Died 10/10/97
Raphel Rives, JR Died 1/20/98
James K. Semeniuk Died 4/3/98
Daniel M. Holderfield Died 7/5/98
Orville L. Coleman Died 7/25/98
Harry N. Williams Died 7/26/98
Robert H. Crowell Died 8/27/98
Paul P. Satterfield Died 9/30/98
Joseph Jones Died 12/2/98
Clive B. Gibbs Died 12/30/98
Forrest Escue, SR Died 1999
John I. Putman Died 3/6/99
Russell Coffey, JR Died 3/20/99
Margie Y. McDonald Died 6/26/99
James L. Oaks, JR. Died 7/2/99
Thomas H. Allen Died 7/17/99
Clyde E. Lovell Died 11/6/99
William R. Perry Died 1/13/00
Robert A. Jordan Died 5/22/00
John W. Myers Died 6/24/00
George C. Toon Died 7/16/00
Wayne F. Wakefield Died 12/12/00
Coulter M. Baggett Died 12/21/00
George E. Sweeney Died 12/25/00
Haley W. Kestner Died 12/27/00
J.B. Murphy Died 2001
Jeffrey A. Ola Died 1/6/01
Hugh D. White Died 1/8/01
Robert A. Poteete Died 3/25/01
William B. Foster Died 4/5/01
George D. Hardiman Died 4/5/01
Carl E. Collins Died 5/20/01
Mack Holt, JR Died 6/6/01
Kenneth C. Alexander Died 6/7/01
Lee F. Campbell Died 9/28/01
Leonard E. Metzgar Died 10/21/01
Charles R. Pewitt, SR Died 12/13/01
Thomas A. Benefield Died 12/23/02
Buddy L. Bumalough Died 10/4/02
Elese Daniel, JR. Died 7/27/02
Lonnie J. Davis Died 9/27/02
James O. Dotson, III Died 6/1/02
Kenneth L. Finley Died 8/20/02
John W. Lynch Died 5/20/02
Richard A. Majors Died 1/11/02
Ray G. Payne Died 7/17/02
Sidney T. Watson Died 2/2/02
Carl E. Weatherly Died 7/17/02
John D. Wilkerson Died 4/24/02
Marvin W. Birdwell Died 2/2/03
Larry J. Davis Died 3/4/03
William H. Dennis Died 5/3/03
Ricky D. Trapp Died 7/17/03
Leonard Q. Brown Died 7/21/03
Brian L. Burlinson Died 8/25/03
Carl E. Smith Died 8/26/03
Glynn D. Murphy Died 9/21/03
Charles D. Wallace, JR Died 12/1/03
Jackie R. Conaster Died 12/6/03
Lawrence E. Hunley Died 12/13/03
Steven R. Snow Died 1/27/04
Elmer Sawyer, SR Died 2/16/04
William P. Ackerman Died 2/17/04
Ralph A. Dunman Died 4/11/04
Horace J. McMurtry Died 4/16/04
Luther C. Tanley, SR. Died 4/24/04
Richard L. Biggs Died 4/29/04
Edward L. Tillman, JR. Died 5/14/04
Roy D. Skeggs Died 6/14/04
Joseph K. Laitenberger Died 6/25/04
Roger N. Shelton Died 7/27/04
Rodney K. Waddell Died 8/2/04
Clyde J. Hudgens Died 11/27/04
Larry D. Bingham Died 12/27/04
James M. Wright Died 3/6/05
Michael W. McNally Died 3/23/05
William V. Hunley Died 4/14/05
Ted R. Wells Died 4/26/05
Albert E. Counter Died 4/28/05
William M. Barnes Died 5/11/05
Frank B. Church, SR. Died 7/31/05
Julius D. Landrum Died 12/7/05
Barbara J. Dixson Died 12/29/05
Melissa A. Veazey Died 2/25/06
Tony R. Worford Died 3/5/06
Ben E. Payne Died 3/17/06
Troy D. Vaughn Died 4/12/06
James R. Cole Died 5/2/06
James M. Beasley Died 5/14/06
Ronald R. Fisk Died 5/29/06
Billy B. Clinard Died 6/4/06
James H. Bass Died 7/3/06
Alonzo L. West Died 9/1/06
Eugene E. Alderson Died 9/29/06
Wesley P. Waller Died 10/5/06
Clifton V. Murphy Died 10/20/06
Stanley Bess Died 10/27/06
Forest W. Curfman Died 11/25/06
Harry E. White, JR. Died 12/7/06
Donald R. Etheridge Died 1/20/07
Ronald J. Ward Died 1/30/07
Oscar E. Spann Died 2/2/07
James T. Hicks Died 2/25/07
Jackie D. Arrington Died 3/9/07
David E. Adams Died 4/3/07
Kenneth Allen Died 4/8/07
Don A. Phillips Died 5/25/07
Edward W. Bracey Died 6/13/07
Ronald E. Neely Died 6/28/07
Joseph H. Huber Died 7/7/07
Ronald W. Wentz Died 8/1/07
Leo C. Treavor Died 8/2/07
Reed H. Moyers Died 8/3/07
Clayton E. Lankford Died 8/6/07
Robert F. Bryant, SR. Died 10/31/07
James D. Hunt Died 12/3/07
Glenn A. Canter Died 3/8/08
David H. Sewell Died 4/26/08
Donald W. Ruskin Died 5/23/08
Thomas R. Gill Died 8/15/08
Riley R. Young Died 10/14/08
Clarence A. Lovell, JR. Died 10/29/08
Arthur O. Collins Died 12/17/08
Gerald L. Hyder Died 1/3/09
Gary W. Crowe Died 2/2/09
Robert W. Slate Died 2/11/09
Joseph J. Wright, JR. Died 2/15/09
Walter Demonbreun, SR. Died 3/19/09
Carl E. Teal Died 5/15/09
James T. McMillon Died 7/2/09
Albert C. Bates Died 8/29/09
William D. Lovell Died 9/6/09
Millard W. Reed Died 9/14/09
Raymond A. Claxton Died 10/10/09
Foster Ables Died 12/1/09
Joseph G. Hildebrand Died 12/12/09
Wilson G. Neese Died 12/14/09
Robert E. Estes Died 12/30/09
William S. Marshall Died 2/24/10
James W. Buckner Died 2/26/10
Leslie R. Crockett Died 4/18/10
Bobby R. Lynch Died 4/21/10
Nathaniel O. Starnes, Sr. Died 5/12/10
Thomas D. Hudgens Died 5/19/10
Kenneth Caruthers, SR Died 7/14/10
Howard B. McNabb  Died 8/12/10
James L. Brown  Died 8/26/10
Billy H. Evilcizer Died 9/18/10
Erskine C. Duffey  Died 10/30/10
 Thomas H. Mayberry Died 10/30/10
Henry J. Helmers  Died 12/7/10
Ernest A. Pfeiffer, Sr. Died 1/23/11
Hobson Hall, Jr. Died 2/4/11
Gary S. Highfill Died 3/1/11
Gordon Hall Died 3/24/11
Billy F. Harris Died 5/13/11
Robert L. Morton Died 6/7/11
Gary W. Dorman, Jr. Died 6/15/11
John M. Curry  Died 7/29/11
Robert W. Lightford Died 8/15/11

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